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Amendments to the previous season's rules are highlighted

  1. NAME
    1. The League shall be called the Windsor & Maidenhead Badminton League.
    1. The objectives of the League shall be to organise competitive Badminton between member clubs on a league basis and to encourage the development of badminton in the district.
    1. Membership of the league shall be open to any club whose normal playing venue is situated within ten miles from Windsor Castle or Maidenhead Town Hall. This may be waived at the discretion of the Committee.
    2. Acceptance of new members shall be subject to approval at a General Meeting of the League.
    3. All member clubs must affiliate to their County association and the Badminton Association of England (Badminton England).
    4. All member clubs shall comply with the rules of the League.
    1. The committee shall comprise of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Match Secretaries. Other officials up to three may be co-opted to meet particular needs at the discretion of the committee e.g. web master, tournament secretary.
    2. The Committee shall be responsible for administrating the League in accordance with its objectives.
    3. The quorum for committee Meeting shall be three.
    4. All officers shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the League.
    1. The AGM of the League shall be held in July to September with a Fixture Meeting.
    2. General Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary or by joint request in writing of not less than three member clubs. Any such request shall state the reason(s) for the meeting.
    3. Notification of General Meetings shall be sent to member clubs not less than is 21 days prior to the meeting.
    4. The quorum for a General Meetings shall be not less than 30% of the member clubs.
    5. Amendments to the constitution must be received by the league secretary in writing six weeks before the AGM, These will be discussed with the committee and the clubs will be informed in writing at least 21 days before the AGM.
    1. Voting power at General Meeting shall be one per member club and, with the exception of rule 6.2, resolutions are to be determined by a simple majority of clubs present at the meeting.
    2. No alterations or additions shall be made to the rules except by a resolution passed by a majority of clubs in the league. Proxy votes in writing would be accepted by the Committee in response to specific resolutions.
    1. League subscriptions to the League shall be determined by the Committee.
    1. The league contains the following sections: -

      'Mens' - Teams of Four,
      'Mixed' - Teams of Six
    2. Each section shall be split into divisions. The number of teams in each division shall be decided by the committee after consultation with member clubs, but shall be at least four and ideally not more than seven.
    3. A member club entering a team which has not played in the league in the previous season shall have that team placed in the lowest division of the appropriate section - though teams of a higher standard may be allocated to a higher division at the discretion of the Committee.
    4. In the event of a team withdrawing from a division all the matches against that team shall be cancelled.
    5. At the end of the season teams scoring the most match points shall be declared the winners of the division. In the event of a tie on match points - rubbers, games and then aces shall be taken into account to determine the winners.
    6. In all divisions, the lowest team is relegated and the winners are promoted.
    7. The Committee will also aim to promote the second highest team and relegate the second lowest team. These changes will be at the discretion of the Committee and will depend on discussions with the affected clubs, the size of the divisions, the relative playing strengths of the teams and likely consequences of the move on the structure of the divisions. The Committee's decision is final. As an example, the Committee is unlikely to be minded to promote and relegate two teams from a division of five but would promote and relegate two teams from a division of seven.
  9. FIXTURES – ARRANGING (see also Section 15)
    1. A Fixture Meeting shall be held annually at which league fixtures for forthcoming season are to be arranged.
    2. 2. Each member club must send its Fixtures List and Registered Players to the Web Master and League Secretary at the beginning of the season and not later than Oct 31st. (see also section 15)
    3. Matches should be confirmed by the Home team by phone or e-mail at least a week in advance of the match and/or at the beginning of the season by post/e-mail.
    4. Each team shall play a home and an away fixture against each other team in its division.
    5. In the event of two or more teams from one club playing in the same division, the matches between these teams shall be played before any match with any other club in that division.
    6. A fixture shall not be postponed except for non-availability of courts or if the clubs concerned agree on an alternative date.
    7. If a fixture is postponed or conceded by the away team seven days or less prior to the due fixture date, the away club shall contribute the whole costs incurred by the home club if the booking cannot be cancelled. The sum shall be paid within 21 days of the due fixture date irrespective of whether the home team has confirmed the match.
    1. MIXED teams of four

      Each team shall contain four players. A total of eight rubbers of two games up to 21 points shall be played subject to rule 11.4. No setting, sudden death at 21.
      Matches will be decided on number of rubbers won - in the event of a draw on rubbers the match will be declared a draw.

      Teams of four shall play in the following order:

      1 L1 + M1 L1 + M1
      2 L2 + M2 L2 + M2
      3 L1 + M1 L2 + M2
      4 L2 + M2 L1 + M1
      5 L1 + M2 L1 + M2
      6 L2 + M1 L2 + M1
      7 L1 + M2 L2 + M1
      8 L2 + M1 L1 + M2

      Match points will be awarded as follows:

      Winning team 2 points
      Drawing team 1 point
      Losing team 0 points
      Each team that puts out four players 1 point
    2. LADIES and MENS teams of four

      Each team shall contain four players. A total of eight rubbers of two games up to 21 points shall be played subject to rule 11.4. Each game shall have the benefit of setting as laid down in the Badminton England rules. Matches will be decided on number of rubbers won - in the event of a draw on rubbers the match will be declared a draw.

      Teams of four shall play in the following order:

      1 M1 + M2 M1 + M2
      2 M3 + M4 M3 + M4
      3 M1 + M2 M3 + M4
      4 M3 + M4 M1 + M2
      5 M1 + M3 M1 + M3
      6 M2 + M4 M2 + M4
      7 M1 + M3 M2 + M4
      8 M2 + M4 M1 + M3

      Match points will be awarded as follows:

      Winning team 2 points
      Drawing team 1 point
      Losing team 0 points
      Each team that puts out four players 1 point
    1. Matches shall be played in accordance with the current rules as laid down by Badminton England.
    2. Any feather shuttlecock approved by Badminton England may be used providing the speed is appropriate for the hall.
    3. Any special conditions for lets or faults peculiar to the hall are at the discretion of the home team, but such conditions should be made clear to the away team prior to the start of the match.
    4. Where the club has to vacate the hall by a certain time, then it is the responsibility of the home captain at the completion of the sixth rubber to decide whether the match can be completed in the time remaining. If there is insufficient time, the home Captain can elect to play one end of 21 points for the remaining rubbers. (three for mixed, two for mens/ladies). Unfinished rubbers in this case will be halved.

      If the home captain elects to play the remaining rubbers in the normal way, then any unfinished rubbers will be automatically lost by the home team.
    5. All matches will be completed by midnight unless both Captains agree otherwise at the completion of the sixth rubber. In the light of this, the home Captain should consider whether they have time to play the remaining rubbers to a conclusion or whether rule 11.4 will take effect.
    6. If a team withdraws from a match less than 24 hrs before a match commences, then that team must concede the fixture.
    7. All matches should be completed by May 14th; matches after that date will be null and void, though in specific cases the committee may endeavour to ensure that key matches are played to resolve final positions.
    8. All matches must be arranged by the end of October; clubs are strongly encouraged to play matches and if they are unable to field a team to concede the match rather than try to rearrange it.
    9. Matches shall commence within 15 min. of the arranged time. Failure to do so shall result in the forfeiture by the offending team of one rubber for every 15 min. delay. This means that if court playing time in excess of 15 min. per court is lost by the late arrival of pairs, then rubbers involving those pairs will be lost until they arrive. In the interests of the sport, the captain of the offended team may choose to overlook claiming these rubbers unless the match runs out of time.
  12. MATCH RESULT CARDS (see also Section 15)
    1. Result cards shall be provided by the League to the Home club at the Fixture Meeting.
    2. The HOME club provides the match card for recording the match results. Copies are available from the web site.
    3. Both captains must sign the match card to show they agree the result at the completion of the match.
    4. The HOME captain should enter the result electronically on the web site. The AWAY captain will be alerted electronically that the result has been entered onto the web site. The AWAY captain must then check the entered result and agree it. When this is completed the league tables will automatically update.
    5. If a match is conceded, the captain of the HOME club should inform to the League Match Secretary by letter, e-mail or by submitting a completed match card.
  13. ELIGIBILITY OF PLAYERS (see also Section 15)
    1. Members must be registered prior to their club’s first league match. New members of clubs must be registered in writing to the Web Master and League Match Secretary prior to playing in a match. Players may transfer clubs once in a season but must be registered in writing to the Web Master and League Match Secretary by the new club.
    2. Any club playing a non registered player will lose the rubbers with the non registered player, Notification must be given to the opposing captain before the start of the match. If no notification is given then the match is lost 9-0/8-0 by the team containing the undeclared non registered player.
    3. Any club entering two or more teams in the same section shall nominate some players for the top team only. Nominated players may not play for a lower team. There are no restrictions on players playing up. In teams of six, clubs must nominate four players. In teams of four, clubs must nominate two players. They do not need to be normal pairings. Nominated players must play in at least three matches.
    4. Any player who participates in a league tournament must be a member of a club affiliated to Windsor and Maidenhead Badminton League and to the Badminton England.
    1. The winners of each division shall be presented with a trophy to he held for one year.
    2. The location of trophies shall be recorded in the minutes of the AGM.
    3. The holder of any trophy shall be responsible for safeguarding it against damage and shall replace it in the event of a loss.
    4. The holder of any trophy awarded by the League shall have it engraved.
    5. Unless otherwise notified, trophies awarded by the League cannot be won outright, and they shall remain the property of the League.
    • The Windsor and Maidenhead Badminton League’s website at lists all match fixtures and results for the current season as well as the current positions of each club in each division.

      This season we’re asking each club to add their own HOME match results to the website. We’re also asking each club to confirm the results of an AWAY match once the HOME club has entered the result.

      An email will be automatically sent to you when you're being asked to confirm a new match result.

      If you would prefer to nominate another person to keep the website up to date, please let us know who and pass us their name and email address, see contacts below.

      Before your first match is played:

      • Send to Matt, and Keith a list of your clubs fixtures, which will be entered on
      • Send to Matt and Keith a list of the club’s registered players
      • Nominate the users who will enter the results into the web site (Club User) and let Matt know who they are. They will be issued with a password and access rights to enter their results.

      During the Season:

      • Ensure that new players are registered with Matt.
      • Ensure that any changes to your fixtures are notified to Matt.

      During the match

      • The HOME captain completes the card as usual
      • The AWAY and HOME captains sign the card to show they agree the result.
      • The HOME captain retains the card for his/her records
      • The AWAY captain ensures that he/she has a copy for their records. After the match
      • The HOME Club User who is entering the results goes to and logs in using link at the TOP RIGHT
      • You'll see an alert if the website is either expecting a match card from you, or is waiting for you to confirm a result
      • Click the alert to enter or check the match.
      • When filling in a match card, each player's name should be selectable from a drop-down list. As per the league rules, all players names must be given to a committee member before the match. If their name is not present, you will need to contact us first to add their name.
      • The AWAY club user will receive an email automatically asking for the match result to be confirmed.
      • If AWAY Club User doesn’t agree with a match card, please email the HOME club to get them to check they entered the result correctly and discuss the disagreement. Other points
      • Please check that the list of players shown under your CLUB is correct and let us know if you have other members that might play for you this season
      • If you’d like assistance with the website or your have any questions please email Matt Woodage here: